Friday, June 05, 2009

Gun Self Defense Counter Released

As a way to remind people that guns save lives of innocent people 60 times more often that guns are used to take a life, has created the Gun Self-Defense Counter, as a live Flash-based web widget. By "live", I mean that all of the counters continue to count, as long as the web page is open.

We have long offered a version of the Gun Self-Defense Counter as a Macintosh Dashboard widget and since the release of that widget, we have received many requests to release it in a format that can be used on web pages and blogs and by those who suffer under the limitations of Windoze. The delay was partially my own procrastination.

To make up for the delay, the web version of the widget temporarily has a few more features than the Macintosh version(until we have time to update the Mac version). The Mac version only counts Gun Self-Defense uses. The Web version counts gun accidents, gun homicides and gun suicides, as well. Then, for comparison, it counts deaths from falling. Finally, it counts the number of times that guns have been used in self-defense.

Post it Everywhere! invites you to embed this clock on your own web sites and blog posts, in order to remind folks that guns save lives much more often than they are used to take a life. Place it on any of your posts to forums or social networks that allow embed code. It's real easy. Simply go to the Gun Self-Defense Counter Web Widget page and copy the single line of embed code that you find there and paste it into the HTML of any site that allows embed code. Place it anywhere and everywhere that you can.

Let's keep reminding everyone that, as a net result, guns save lives.


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