Friday, June 05, 2009

Tax Tyranny Clock Released

To condemn 100 Years of Tax Tyranny and to help others inveigh against that 100 Years of Tax Tyranny, has created the Tax Tyranny Clock, which is a live clock that continuously counts down the time to the 100th anniversary of the day the legislation that created the 16th Amendment was passed.

Almost 100 years ago, on July 12, 1909, Congress passed the legislation that was sent to the states for ratification, to become the infamous 16th Amendment. We are proud to join and others, in calling for a national day of mourning on July 12, 2009, to lament 100 years of Tax Tyranny. The Tax Tyranny Clock continuously counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to that infamous date. After that date, it simply announces "100 Years Plus".

Post it Everywhere! invites you to embed this clock on your own web sites and blog posts, in order to call attention to this dark centennial. Place it on any of your posts to forums or social networks that allow embed code. It's real easy. Simply go to the Tax Tyranny Clock page and copy the single line of embed code and paste it into the HTML of any site that allows embed code. Place it anywhere and everywhere that you can. Let's make this day of mourning a major event. will host this widget until at least August 12, 2009; one month after that day of infamy.

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