Thursday, March 31, 2011

US Tax Freedom Day Clock 2011 Released

Yesterday, the Tax Foundation announced the date for Tax Freedom Day for 2011 and updated their popular Tax Freedom Clocks, accordingly.

Based upon government reported tax and income data for all states in the USA, the Tax Foundation has determined that in 2011, the average US taxpayer will have to work till April 12, in order to earn enough to pay his taxes for the year. That's more than a quarter of the year. The state Tax Freedom Days vary from March 26 in low-tax Mississippi to May 2, in high-tax Connecticut.

Since the Tax Freedom Day Clocks tick in seconds, has taken the data provided by the Tax Foundation and re-calculated Tax Freedom down to the second. So the exact moment of Tax Freedom in the USA is April 12, at 12:46:05 AM. That's the base time used by the Tax Freedom Clocks.

The US Tax Freedom Clocks are available as both a Flash web widget and as a Macintosh Dashboard widget. They count down the months, days, hours, minutes and seconds till US Tax Freedom and then count up the months, days, hours, minutes and seconds since Americans began earning their own money.

The purpose of these clocks is to keep Tax Freedom Day and the issues of our enormously excessive taxes, that Tax Freedom Day exposes, before the public year-around, rather than just for a month or so, near Tax Freedom Day.

ActionAmerica encourages you to visit the Tax Freedom Clock web page on our site, so you can copy the embed code and include it on the various blogs, forums and social networking sites that you visit. Let's keep this in front of the public all year.