Friday, December 09, 2005

Citizenship Reform Torpedoes Immigration Bill

Congress is at it again, using a fine, much needed bill, to obscure foul legislation that is designed to further subvert the rights of US citizens. I'm talking about three of the four sections of Title VII (Citizenship Reform) of the "Enforcement First Immigration Reform Act of 2005".

Using the guise of patriotism, those sections seek to deny to naturalized US citizens, the right to dual citizenship (that is still allowed to natural born citizens). Let's skip for a moment, the fact that this creates second class citizens and look at just who it targets.

It doesn't target illegal aliens or visitors who have over-stayed their visas, both of whom could likely represent a real threat to our security. It doesn't target permanent residents, who are not likely to pose a threat. It targets people who have come here LEGALLY and gone through the entire rigorous process of naturalization, to LEGALLY become a US citizen. These people are not the problem!

Furthermore, such onerous legislation would create what would essentially be a "Second Class Citizen". As a result, such legislation could not possibly stand up in court. This begs the question, that if it's so obvious that it couldn't stand up to judicial scrutiny, why would any congressman even try to get it passed, if he knew that it would be tossed out by the court, at their first opportunity? The answer can be given in only one word - "incrementalism".

Contrary to what the wording of this proposed legislation would indicate, it cannot possibly be aimed at just naturalized citizens. More likely, it's a red herring, that is meant only to establish precedence, so when the law is eventually tossed out, Congress will use that precedent as an excuse to rewrite that law, to that it applies to all US citizens.

Unfortunately, there are some very adverse economic consequences that would follow such legislation. The result would mean higher taxes for the rest of Americans.

[Read more. Then contact your congressman.]

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