Monday, August 22, 2005

No words vile enough...

In the last week or so, we have noticed a lot of press being given to someone who deserves to be ignored more than any person who ever lived. Because of this, we wanted to say something, but since this person deserves to be ignored, we wanted to keep it short, which is why I am posting this statement here, rather than on, where we normally post longer articles. The statement is simply this:

I would never have imagined that a sane person would be able to stoop so low as to, for her own selfish reasons, disgrace the honor and heroism of her own son, who gave his life for the greater good of his country.

The case of which I speak, does however, speak very well for Casey Sheehan's own innate character, that he was able to develop into such a brave and honorable man, in spite of having a mother who is such a total waste of flesh and oxygen. Casey Sheehan was on his second enlistment and had volunteered for the rescue mission on which he was killed and earned the Bronze Star in the process. In every sense of the word, this man deserves the title, "hero". Patriots like myself, will remember him for his bravery and heroism. But, because of his mother's disgraceful actions, it is likely that most people will only remember him for being the son of "one of those anti-war protesters".

There are not words vile enough in the English language to describe his mother. Perhaps, in the future, when people want to curse someone who represents the lowest of the vile and obscene, they will simply call that person a "Cindy Sheehan". For selfishly undermining the great honor that her son so justly earned, having her name become the lowest of insults, is a legacy that she will have justly earned, as well.

Let's hope that the media will soon give her the disregard that she so richly deserves.


silence said...

You are so full of bullshit.

Jack said...

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Sue Ann said...

Sheean's son did not die for the honor of this country, but for the greed of the rich.

And now "W" has the gall to say we have to justify his death and the death of other's like him by sacrificing more of our young men and women? That logic is as clear as saying "because I have taken all of your money to support my immoral war I want you to send me more money so you can justify what you've already given me."

No thanks, on both counts.

Edward O'Neill said...

People often don't respond well when you denigrate a grieving mother.

Cindy Sheehan has some questions she'd like answered. That doesn't seem too much to ask.

The bile of your blog on the subject suggests something deeply irrational in your position. That doesn't reflect well on your tax proposals.

It's just a common procedure in rhetoric to make yourself sound reasonable for the audience.

You haven't done that very well in this instance.

Better luck in the future striking a more balanced tone.

ActionAmerica said...

The comment of "silence" is typical of the the "Hate America First" crowd. When they have no logical arguments, they just throw out obscenities and hope that people won't realize that they didn't really say anything of significance.

The comment of "sue ann" is another typical response from the "Hate America First" crowd. Notice that the very FIRST thing that she did, was to dishonor Casey Sheehan, for her own agenda.

Remember that he was not drafted nor was he picked for the mission on which he died. He was on his SECOND ENLISTMENT, he VOLUNTEERED for that mission and he earned the BRONZE STAR, in the process. You don't get the Bronze Star for just dying in the line of duty. Live or die, you have to have done something very brave and heroic to earn the Bronze Star.

sue ann hates Dubya. But, since she has nothing of substance on which to attack Dubya, concerning the war in Iraq, her answer is to defile the memory of one of our bravest soldiers, in his stead. Well, here's a news flash. If you have read any of the articles on the Action America eZine, you will learn that I am no fan of Dubya, either. I didn't vote for either him or his father, in any of their combined presidential races and seeing how they both performed, I know that I made the right decision. Even so, I will never defile the memory a fallen hero, for any reason, let alone political disagreement.

Casey Sheehan died, so that sue ann and the rest of Americans can walk the streets of the USA free of fear. She and the rest of the "Hate America First" crowd would have us forget that while the terrorists are fighting our volunteer military in Iraq, they can't attack us here.

Those brave American soldiers in Iraq, clearly understand the threat to America, should we fail to take the war to the terrorists, on their home turf and those patriots have answered the call. But, all that the "Hate America First" crowd can do, is to belittle the noble sacrifices of those heroes. In fact, they even take aim at those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our safety.

Once again, I point out that the very FIRST words of sue ann's post, as is typical of the "Hate America First" crowd, dishonored the heroism of a true hero, who died to keep her and the rest of America safe. At least sue ann didn't sink to the ultimate depths of depravity, like Cindy Sheehan, who dishonored her own son.

ActionAmerica said...

Edward O'Neill said: People often don't respond well when you denigrate a grieving mother. Cindy Sheehan has some questions she'd like answered.

Let's put this into perspective. Cindy Sheehan isn't doing this out of grief.

She already met with Dubya. She had the chance to ask her questions then.

Furthermore, she even complimented Dubya, after that meeting.

She is just allowing herself to be used by the "Hate America First" crowd, so she can have her 15 minutes and in doing so, she is dishonoring her own son's heroic actions. Because of her, more people will probably remember him as being the son of one of those war protesters, than for his own bravery.

I can accept that there are those who disagree with us being in Iraq and will argue that point on a logical basis. But to dishonor a fallen hero, when that hero is your own son, is beyond the greatest contempt ever known to man. Such vile actions call for the lifting of the normal discussion protocol and require that such a person be named for what he/she is. Unfortunately, words low enough do not yet exist.

Casey Sheehan was a hero. But, because of his mother, more people will likely remember him for his mother's disgraceful actions, than for his heroic deeds. Everyone knows who he is, but few know that he won the Bronze Star or that he was on his 2nd enlistment and volunteered for the mission on which he was killed. Cindy Sheehan is stealing her son's honor. That's why honorable people cannot afford to pull their verbal punches, when talking about the depths of her depravity. There can be nothing lower than a mother who would steal her own son's honor.